New Blogging System Update #1

I’d mentioned a few weeks ago that I was moving to Hugo. The motivation for me was simple. I’d not made my self-hosted WordPress blog secure enough so a not very nice person got into it and did mean things. I was not pleased.

Some of you may be asking yourself, why not fix it and keep using WordPress. Good question. Basically I’ve done that twice now. This time around required deleting my installation and reinstalling. It worked out quite well and I decided not to install a number of plug-ins I’d been using before, including Jetpack. My weblog is actually quite a bit faster now as a result.

ExpressoSo, back to the move. I’m moving to Hugo but I’m still trying to figure out some mysteries of Hugo — at least they’re mysteries to me. I’d like a ‘dirty’ directory structure and I want to make double-sure when I create a post the archive of the post shows up in its proper location, like this:

That is super important to me. All of my current WordPress posts, like this one, have that structure. My plan is to import all of my WordPress posts into my new Hugo site, so it needs to be backward compatible.

Anywho. Here’s how I plan to configure my weblog.

  • Use GitHub for storage – Posts will be edited locally as Markdown and pushed to GitHub.
  • Use GitHub for publishing – Once a post is pushed to GitHub it will cause a GitHub server trigger to run. That will pull the source on my host.
  • Run Hugo on the host – Hugo will live on my host and will be run when the GitHub server trigger executes.

Using those steps should allow me to easily update anywhere I can pull code from my GitHub account — even on iOS — and push changes. For now I plan on using BBEdit on my Mac for writing but in the future I hope to use my own Blogging Tool.

If anyone notices a flaw in that logic please get in touch. My email address is

By Rob Fahrni

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