Dave Winer on Writers Flow

[Scripting News]( *”Flow is the writer’s problem for blogging. I have been working on this since I started in 1994. I solved the problem for myself in 1997, and ever since I’ve been working on solving it for everyone else. Had WordPress designers simply looked at Radio UserLand, shipped in 2002, and copied its menu structure, they would have had a much better flowing blog platform. But since then Facebook and Twitter have matched or bettered Radio in flow. There’s a new benchmark. WordPress appears oblivious. So no I don’t think Gutenberg, which is a new text editor for WordPress, is the answer. It is the answer to other problems, how to mix text and other elements in a blog post. Certainly a good thing to do. But WordPress imho remains the klunky monolith that it always has been.”*

I can see where Dave is coming from. I recently switched from WordPress to for a few reasons but one that really stands out is simplicity.

When I want to create a new post I have a choice of Web, Mac, and iOS clients. They’re all very easy to use.

When you land on the homepage, after signing in of course, this is what you see.

![ Timeline](

Since aggregates posts of people you follow it’s also a micro social network, but that’s not where it really shines in my opinion. The ease of publishing a new post is where it really shines.

To create a new post you simply:
1. Tap the **New Post** button
2. Start typing
3. If you go over 280 characters the Title field will display
4. When you’re ready tap on the **Post** button.
5. *Done!*

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer