Customize that Mac Pro

Yesterday I asked a few folks I know to have Mac Pros if they’d heard of anyone having their cases anodized. I heard back from [Stephen Hackett]([Stephen Hackett on Twitter: “Noooooo… “](, perfectly reasonable response. Some folks don’t like to mess with perfection. Dr. Wave and John Siracusa haven’t responded or decided not to respond. That’s perfectly fine.

There is, of course, always a group of people that like to customize their stuff. [Cars]([A ridiculous Ferrari wrap we’re currently working on! This car is being entered into a rally with the theme of “used car salesman” | Weird cars, Car humor, Car wrap]( are a perfect example or perhaps [gaming PCs]([Digital Storm: Custom Gaming Computers & Gaming PCs]( Just because Apple doesn’t offer a Mac Pro in a style you like don’t let it get you down? You can always customize it after purchase.

### My Custom Mac Pro Build

How about we start with an [anodized]([What is Anodizing? The Finish of Choice | AAC]( case? Seems like a reasonable and fairly straight forward modification. Personally I’d go with orange but a finish close to Apple’s own gold might be better suited for a Pro device, don’t you think? Let’s go with that for now.

Another area of customization that comes to mind are the wheels. When the Mac Pro was announced I thought to myself *”wouldn’t a set of y mud tires look great on that thing?”* I don’t really believe that but the thought of it stuck in my head. Who is going to make aftermarket wheels with mud tires on them for my Mac Pro? Let’s pretend they exist for our custom Mac Pro build.

I’m sure I could go a bit more crazy if I gave it some thought but here’s my finished custom Mac Pro. I think it looks pretty good. 😀

![Custom Mac Pro](

No Mac Pros were harmed in the making of this post. I promise.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer