The sad state of my weblog

Last week I wanted to send a link to someone for a piece I wrote in 2014 about my fear of public speaking, which was really about the pressure I feel during interviews.

I searched for the title of the piece, found it, and when I clicked the link it 404’d. Why?

A few months back I mentioned moving to []( as my blogging service because I wanted static publishing and I just didn’t want to manage [Hugo]( or another tool. Anywho, when I did the import from [WordPress]( to if failed at some point so I only had a partial import. So I tried again and thought it ran to completion. I was wrong. It failed again.

After poking around I realized I only have posts from 2019 and the archive page is broken.

I am frustrated by this but willing to accept this shortcoming if I can eventually get my entire blogging history pulled into Heck I’m even considering importing my entire [Blogger]( history from 2001-2009 just to have it in a single repository.

I’m going to give it another go soon and see if I can get it pulled in. If that fails I’m going to see if [Manton]( has any further ideas about how to get my WordPress content in a form I could push into Even if I have to convert the WordPress export file to something better for I’m willing to give it a go. It would be really nice if I could put it into a JSON format would accept as an import format it can deal with.

Anyway. That’s the sad state of my blog today. Hopefully I can get it fixed, soon.

If I can’t get it sorted I will consider moving back to self hosted WordPress and call it good enough.

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer