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Let’s dump this clown!

Let's dump this clown

Dear leader has taken to telling the Supreme Court they’ll essentially become a joke if Joe Biden is our next President. It’s a kind of threat. Dude is a knucklehead. He really has to go.

Also, wouldn’t be amazing if Trump fled after losing the election? That would be glorious. 🤞🏼

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Stream 1.0

Hayseed: “Stream is a different take on feed readers. It displays your feeds in a timeline, similar to Twitter.”

Yes, I finally shipped Stream 1.0!

The response has been so overwhelming, not in a OMG 100,000 people downloaded it, more of OMG the Mac and iOS community are so supportive. When I started on Stream I was really excited to share it with everyone. Over time that enthusiasm waned because it was taking so long to finish. I worked on it an hour here an hour there over the course of two years. Yes, two years.

I’ve received some really excellent feedback via Twitter and email. I hope that continues and I hope to incorporate some, if not all, of that feedback into Stream, but it could take quite a long time before I’m able to do it. I just want to get that out there. Stream is a labor of love. If I could make a living from it I would definitely pump out features at a much quicker pace. Please bear with me.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. It means loads to me.


The NetNewsWire team continues to crush it!

NetNewsWire 5.1 for Mac


If Charlottesville is always this wonderful in the fall, then fall would make the perfect summer. Cool mornings, highs in the 70s-80s, sunny.

It’s just beautiful here. 🍁🎃

Apple Indie iOS

I didn’t withdraw from the program. They withdrew me. 😂


Why Trump?

I do not understand, for one moment, why someone would vote for Trump.

Here’s how it looks through my eyes when I try to understand it.

He’s a racist – so racists like him.
He hates strong women – a lot of men cannot handle strong women, so they like Trump.
He not empathetic – some folks think empathy is weakness. They like Trump.
He’s a bully – some folks love authoritarians and like to be told exactly what to do and when they can do it. So they like Trump.
He’s dumb – dumb folks thus love their everyday man.
He’s a liar – people believe his lies and they like what they hear.
He’s a business man so he’ll run the country well – nope. Quite the opposite. He’s not run the country well. The economy is in the tank.
He’s a grifter – this is something he’s really good at. He’d steal everything you own if he could, and be fine with it. The filthy rich and powerful love this about him.
He’s cruel – taking kids away from their parents and locking them up is just cruel.

There are a lot of questions I have about his character. He has no character if we’re talking about virtues. He lacks the type of character needed to be the President of the United States. The job is all about character.

This point really puzzles me. Why does the Christian Right embrace him? No grace, no virtue, no love for his fellow man. Jesus was all about love.

I wonder how many abortions he’s paid for over his lifetime?

How many women has he sexually assaulted? I’d bet more than we’ve heard about given his Billy Bush tape.

This one also puzzles and disturbs me and I though about not writing it but I’m gonna do it. How many times has he sexually assaulted his daughter? He’s talked about Ivanka in ways that make my skin crawl. Sex predator material. We know he’s a sexual predator. Has it extended to her, his other daughter, or his boys? Who knows?

He’s just everything this country is not. We are the worlds melting pot. Making us into a whites only nation is a disgusting thought. This is America damnit! The land of the free and the home of the brave, but it sure doesn’t feel that way right now.

The man is enamored with Vladimir Putin. Seriously head-over-heals in love with a murdering psychopath. I have no doubt Russians would prefer a different leader, but Trump wants to be this guy, in the United States.

I ask again. Why would you vote for Donald J. Trump? He only cares about himself. He’s a narcissistic sociopath. He’s incapable of leading.

Damned right I’m voting for Joe Biden. Sure, I’m a Democrat, but there is more at stake here than our normal policy debate. The soul of our nation is at stake. Democracy itself is at stake. Remember Trump runs his organizations like a mobster. When he says “Maybe we should try that?” in response to President Xi changing the law so he can be President forever, Trump isn’t joking. There’s some truth in there. Remember, it’s all about him and everyone else can go pack sand. He wants to be a dictator. Look at his recent moves in Portland. If that’s not gestapo-like I don’t know what is. The federal government kidnapping people off the streets isn’t the America I want to live in. This has to stop and we have to fix whatever is wrong with our system that allowed Trump to be nominated and elected. If this is the modern day GOP’s idea of leadership they’re as morally bankrupt as Trump.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the crisis of his Presidency; COVID-19. He’s failed at every turn. He doesn’t understand anything about people. He believes the economy is some other thing. The economy is people. We go to work, our employer pays us, we visit places and spend our hard earned cash on food, clothing, whatever suits our fancy. To fix the economy you have to do the hard work and fix COVID.

This Presidents tenure is one laughable failure after another. Fail, fail, fail. It’s all he does is fail.

I believe in people. I feel for people. I love people. People are everything in this equation.

The GOP only cares about themselves. Typical Republican response to things: “Hey, if it doesn’t hurt me, I don’t care about it.”

No compassion, no love. Just hate.

There’s a slogan for the GOP convention.

Let’s vote this morally bankrupt man out of office in November.

P.S. What’s all this QAnon bullshit? Talk about nutters. They’re absolutely crazy and Trump love them! It makes perfect sense. They must all think John Carpenter’s They Live was a documentary about the cabal of Democrats that suck the blood of child sex slaves. Come to think of it, sounds like something Trump might do. 🤔

Microsoft Windows

As a long time Windows user I’d love to see Microsoft spend some time on a visual refresh of the entire OS. There are some places that just look super dated.


Fired Up

Brent Simmons: “Somebody on Twitter will tell me that I should add that IAP right now so I can pay Apple for the privilege of being on the App Store. Fuck you in advance.”

Brent is obviously fired up and rightfully so. Look, WordPress has been selling domains and services for years. They know how to do it and they know how to do it safely. This isn’t Apple being the gatekeeper of secure transactions. It’s about greed. Apple needs to have a cut of everything, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Unlike Jobs, Tim Cook isn’t driven by making the best product he’s driven by money.

Apple knows they have developers right where they want them.

“So, kid, you want to develop for our platform? Sure, give it a go. You’ll like it.”

Then they put the squeeze on you.

Sure, my next product will have IAP. Sure I’ll give Apple 30%. I have no choice but to. It’s ok. I’m personally fine with it for the little apps I do on the side. If I were trying to survive off my apps I might feel otherwise.


Day three: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Knoxville, Tennessee.

13-hours, 868 miles. 🚙


Day two: Gallup, New Mexico to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

11-hours, 680 miles. 🚙