Man, that is a lot of money for a disposable device.

Where is the tough Virginia winter I always heard about?

Pro tip: When the battery on your iPhone or Apple Watch are no longer viable don’t buy a new device. Go to an Apple store and ask for battery replacement. They’ll charge you $75 and you get a replacement device. Same model. New battery.

I am so tempted to buy an iPhone 11 or Xr. My wife talking about going back to an SE awoke the beast in me wanting for a new device. I don’t need one. My iPhone 7 is a perfectly great device. I just want one.

I really need to teach Maggie, our dog, that sleep is a good thing. 😴

So, yeah, my daughter is talented. When you get a gift it’s wrapped in custom illustrated paper. 😀

I keep trying to convince my daughter she should start a web based business doing custom signs. She’s having none of it. 288ED40F-5ABB-4F76-9A90-FF37B659EA7E.jpg

I was surprised by the number of PC’s you can purchase at WalMart for between $200-$300. Hey, if you’re surfing and writing you may not need anything more.


I’ve had a weblog since February 2001. It was all Blogger based and used FTP for publishing static HTML. It was simple to use and provided everything I needed.

In May 2010 Google stopped supporting FTP uploads so I decided to make a change. I moved to self hosted WordPress and became a thing.

For just over nine years I enjoyed my WordPress based setup but it always bothered me the pages were generated when the site was hit. I prefer static HTML. I know, I know, t’s such a little thing but it’s important to me.

I’ve wanted to move blogging platforms for quite a while. I considered Octopress, Pelican, and Hugo but I’m terrible at HTML and I didn’t find any of the built in templates appealing. I’d also have to manage publishing. I didn’t want to do that.


When Manton Reece announced I subscribed simply to support him. It’s an interesting mix of social network and blogging platform. You can post short Twitter-like entries or do longer form posts, complete with title. At first it felt kind of weird to me to have a mix of both but it grew on me.

Finally, in October of this year, I decided I wanted to move to as my blogging platform full time. The transition hasn’t been as smooth as I would’ve liked. I had trouble getting my WordPress export file to import into Honestly, I was more than a little bummed about that and had given up on the idea of moving to In the end I got over myself and decided to move to Why?

Well, it’s dead simple, that’s why. When you add a post you get a simple text entry field, you can add an optional title, and pick a category if you’d like. This is all I really need in a blog. Oh, I almost forgot, it also publishes RSS and JSON Feed for you.

So, here we sit. This post is completely hosted on and I couldn’t be happier with my choice to move here.

We’d hoped for a white Christmas here in Charlottesville. It’s not gonna happen. Heck, there’s a good chance California will be cooler than here.

New, more reasonable, goal for Stream. Ship the iOS version before WWDC 20.

It’s the style here at WillowTree to decorate your laptop with stickers.

“They’re the prison tatts of laptops.” - Coworker Lee


I hope to expand this to include laptops with stickers in the wild. 😀

If you really know me you know I’m not into fashion, but I do love a great pair of socks. 39E6FF9A-48DB-4803-9EB6-66C1391586E5.jpg

Our Immoral President

Christianity Today: “But the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

Immoral, a perfect word to describe Donald J. Trump.

How any Christian can find him appealing is something I’ll never understand. I suppose God will judge us all when the time is right.

Star Wars hot take. I enjoyed it. Loved the ending.

Two monster benefits of Objective-C projects; fast builds and no code changes.

Windows 3.1 app for Slack

Yeo Kheng Meng: “In October 2019, my company SP Digital held an internal hackathon. My colleague Subhransu and I worked on a whacky idea of writing a brand-new Windows 3.1 app which was an OS released almost 30 years ago. The idea we chose was a Slack client. After all, Slack clients exist for most platforms but I’m certain one does not exist for Windows 3.1.”

This is really fantastic! It gives me all the feels of days gone by. I spent an incredible amount of time working on a great Windows application called Visio. It began life on Windows 3.1 and still runs today on modern Windows OSes.

Makes me wonder if my old C++ framework would work on Windows 3.x today? It began life there but I bet it wouldn’t compile today. 🤔

Donald J. Trump is Impeached.

Welcome to the United States of Kleptocracy

It seems to me the GOP Senators that have already decided they’re not voting Trump out of office are frightened they’re going to lose their job. That’s pathetic.

I don’t see Republicans, the law and order party, standing up for their beliefs. They preach fiscal conservancy and “anti-socialism” then bail out farmers to the tune of $28 billion dollars, double that of the auto bailout in 2099. That’s socialism at work and definitely not small government/fiscal conservancy.

With Trump they’re setting us up to be governed by the highest bidder; the wealthy donor class, a kleptocracy.

Can someone please explain to me how and why people don’t see this? Am I wrong? If so, please, tell me how and why.

All I see is a man destroying our Republic one little cut at a time. He is the epitome of the swap he promised to clean up. The White House and by extension the United States Government is run like the mob. Shaking down leaders for favors.

It’s just wrong and needs to stop.

It’s nice to see my domain show up in Stream. I need to do some more tweaks to make sure it’s compatible with my old WordPress site but at least it’s up and working! Thanks, @manton! D32445CA-934D-4F0F-A9FB-44F17D30F8C2.jpg

Ok, I figured out how to set my custom domain, @manton. Thanks.

I’m trying to setup a custom domain using these directions and it says I should see an Edit button next to my paid blog but I’m not seeing one. Thanks, @manton.

Testing, hello, is this thing on?

Once the fine folks at figure out my WordPress import issues I will map to it and it will become my full time blogging platform. Yes, it’s that good and at $5/month it’s a steal.

“She’s too occupied by giving speeches at places like the UN – where Trump was laughed at, when he gave a speech in 2018, and Thunberg was met with respect”…