Welcome to the United States of Kleptocracy

It seems to me the GOP Senators that have already decided they’re not voting Trump out of office are frightened they’re going to lose their job. That’s pathetic.

I don’t see Republicans, the law and order party, standing up for their beliefs. They preach fiscal conservancy and “anti-socialism” then bail out farmers to the tune of $28 billion dollars, double that of the auto bailout in 2099. That’s socialism at work and definitely not small government/fiscal conservancy.

With Trump they’re setting us up to be governed by the highest bidder; the wealthy donor class, a kleptocracy.

Can someone please explain to me how and why people don’t see this? Am I wrong? If so, please, tell me how and why.

All I see is a man destroying our Republic one little cut at a time. He is the epitome of the swap he promised to clean up. The White House and by extension the United States Government is run like the mob. Shaking down leaders for favors.

It’s just wrong and needs to stop.

It’s nice to see my Micro.blog domain show up in Stream. I need to do some more tweaks to make sure it’s compatible with my old WordPress site but at least it’s up and working! Thanks, @manton! D32445CA-934D-4F0F-A9FB-44F17D30F8C2.jpg

Ok, I figured out how to set my custom domain, @manton. Thanks.

I’m trying to setup a custom domain using these directions and it says I should see an Edit button next to my paid blog but I’m not seeing one. Thanks, @manton.

Testing, hello, is this thing on?

Once the fine folks at Micro.blog figure out my WordPress import issues I will map iam.fahrni.me to it and it will become my full time blogging platform. Yes, it’s that good and at $5/month it’s a steal.

“She’s too occupied by giving speeches at places like the UN – where Trump was laughed at, when he gave a speech in 2018, and Thunberg was met with respect” www.theguardian.com/commentis…

Does Apple have the design and technical chops to pull off a modern version of the iPhone SE? I’m thinking they don’t, otherwise they would’ve done it already.

Since the dog got me out of bed at 5:30 I’ve been catching up on all the socials. At 8:30 my battery is at 57%. My trusty iPhone 7 battery is finally starting to poop out.

When we moved across the country at the end of October I setup some iOS Shortcuts we all installed. Never used them. 😳 It’s interesting how real world situations affect our plans. A421E446-B221-4533-B2EB-B35C086714E6.jpg

Impeach Him

New York Times - “President Trump not only should be impeached, he must be impeached if America’s democracy is to remain intact.”

I still can’t wrap my brain around why Republican’s don’t see how bad Donald Trump is for our nation and democracy. The man is a criminal, milking the United States for personal gain. On the world stage he’s a laughing stock destroying relationships with our staunchest allies. At home he’s destroying one of the things that actually does make America great; helping others.

I know conservatives love their small government, fine. But why do you put up with a small, hateful, compassionless, misogynistic, vile person in the form of Donald J. Trump? Is it all to “own the libs”?

Well you got us. We’ve been owned.

Now, can we get back to being a great nation – with great leadership – and stop playing the burn democracy to the ground game?

Me last night: I’m gonna sleep in. Dog at 5:30AM: No, you’re not. Me: 🤨

39 degrees and raining. I love this weather but I’d love some snow! ❄️ 89E0430D-4BED-4A60-AE78-4C0044EC3196.jpg

Funny words used at WillowTree; Flow and Swirl. 😀

The day job setup: 15-inch MacBook Pro, 27-inch Dell display, Matias Wired Keyboard for Mac, and a Microsoft Compact Optical Mouse. Plenty of power and display capability. The mouse and keyboard are mine and my hands know how to use them. 83D65B80-7494-4184-BFA9-29E37D190064.jpg

So, yeah, I re-subscribed. Gotta support Manton.

Need moar ink. That is all.

All of this rain is glorious. 2AF3FFB0-723F-4DFC-B7C2-F9B241A5F0AE.jpg

Welp, so much for eating better. 😳 103F5359-5F4F-44DE-AD30-D2E209AEB22B.jpg

When you need to do stuff but don’t want to. Yeah, that.

Blogging from an iPhone?

Who writes blog posts using their iPhone? I did it while on a road trip in 2014. I used the iOS WordPress app, which was fine, but to use it required JetPack. I’ve been trying to limit plugins on my weblog to make it render faster and help with securing it. Two big reasons why I wanted to switch to a static publishing system; speed and security.

I digress. The long and short of it is this. What other apps are there I could use to publish directly to a WordPress site? I know I can do it with the Micro.blog client but are there other apps that can do it?

I keep hoping Daniel will bring MarsEdit to iOS and I’ve thought about writing one but I never manage to have the time to work on other things.

Maybe I can configure the Micro.blog client to post only titled posts to my WordPress weblog?

Food for thought.

I haven’t written anything on my weblog in a very long time. I have stuff I’d like to write about but I’m just not feeling it.

Darn! I’m not indie because I’m not doing the right thing with my personal brand! 🤣 3694AF34-2FC7-40AC-A9F6-90EF0D038FFB.jpg

I made a tough decision and cancelled my MB subscription today. I wanted to use it as my full time blogging platform but I couldn’t get my existing blog posts imported so I’m just gonna use WordPress and start writing again.

My wife doesn’t like her iPhone 11. It’s too big for her hands, she prefers a physical home button, and likes the screen off button to be on top of the phone. She’s going back to an iPhone SE.