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Gowalla Imagery

Back when Gowalla was still around I just loved their style. I used to visit their website just to look at all the beautiful imagery they produced. I kept some of it and thought I’d share it below. I hope that’s OK?

Some of these may not be from Gowalla, but I’m sure most of them are.


P.S. – It seems a real shame Facebook didn’t keep the old site up just as an artifact. That would’ve been really nice. If the Gowalla site is archived anywhere and I can link to it drop me an email at or reach out on Twitter to @fahrni. Thanks.

Business Visio

Ted Johnson’s Visio Recollections

The original Visio, four shapes, logo and application icon.Ted Johnson’s Visio Corporation Info: “In just over two years, we had started a company, built a team, raised two rounds of venture funding, designed, built, tested, documented, and taken-to-market the last highly-successful commercial desktop application.”

Great backstory on the inspiration for, and the creation of, Visio 1.0. Two years is all it took to create the first release.

Definitely software’s golden age.


Days Past

In late 1991 I was laid off from AgData. At that time there were even fewer tech companies in the San Joaquin Valley than there are now so I packed a bag and drove up to Seattle. Kim’s Dad lived there at the time so I had a place to stay while looking for a job.

I found a contract job a few days after I arrived. Amaze, !nc had just released the Windows and Mac versions of The Farside Calendar. It was mid-November, the test and development staff were burned out and they needed help testing the DOS release of the calendar.

All of that backstory just to say I remember driving home each night, pulling out of the Kirkland business park where Amaze was headquartered, driving past a time temperature sign on Interstate 405 that read 38 degrees. It was always raining, always.

I was reminded of that time when I took our pup out this evening to do her thing. It was 35-degrees, it felt nice. Strange how my brain works.