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Torn, which smart phone?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to goof around with my cousin’s Droid Incredible by HTC. Oh my! It’s a beautiful phone, I love the sense UI. The iPhone definitely has big competition and since you can get this phone on Verizon it makes purchasing it quite easy for those looking for something close enough to an iPhone.

I’m very tempted by it and I have an iPhone app for heavens sake!

Bravo HTC for upping the ante. This is good for the smart phone market, no matter how you slice it.

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AT&T and Android

Mashable / Mobile: “AT&T is bulking up its Android roster with a new phone: the HTC Aria. It promises to be faster and more capable than the Motorola BACKFLIP and the Dell Aero.”

It would seem that Apple is definitely getting the short end of the stick here. AT&T has exclusive rights on iPhone, but they’re still doing deals with other phone makers. It’s no skin off my nose, but it sure seems like it’s a bad deal for Apple, right?

As an aside. HTC is really pounding out some great phones, and I love their UI/UX enhancements to the Android OS. Really great stuff.