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Path + WordPress

Engadget: “App developers can now ask for permission to use Path’s sharing API, which they’ll get if Path sees such apps as a logical fit. To get the ball rolling, the social network has already granted access to 13 partners that include WordPress…”

I’ve enabled posting to Path, lets see if this works.


Facebook Redesign

Inside Facebook: “The redesign, the largest for pages since February 2011, creates a more unified look and feel for the site after profiles and groups were updated earlier this year. Page owners will have a 30-day window to redesign their pages and publish when they are ready. On March 31, all pages will automatically switch to the new format.”

Who had the timeline first, Path or Facebook?

I say hats off, regardless of who was first. The new look is brilliant and is something I’d love to have, just not on Facebook.

I wonder if anyone has created a weblog template for WordPress, or any other popular weblogging platform, that gives you this look? It makes complete sense. Everything rolled up into one site.

The center of my universe starts with That’s where I need this look. Not on a marketing site.

I really need to learn how to roll web pages. You use tables for layout, right?