Not bad for a bunch of kids

The Tribune: “Morse and Google would not confirm a purchase price, but according to website, two unnamed sources pegged the acquisition price between a low seven figures and $10 million.”

Two founders, six total team members, just graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and now you’ve sold your company for a reported $10 million dollars to Google. What are you going to do next?

Bravo, hats off, congratulations, etc, etc. This is pretty unbelievable awesome news.

The only downside is we lose a startup to Google. Cal Poly has produced more great talent that’s now moving up the state to Mountain View to join “The Google.” More brain drain.

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Successful non-game iPhone App

TapTapTap Blog: “How do you launch an iPhone app that’s not a game and have it succeed? It’s definitely not easy, given the current atmosphere of the App Store. But we recently did with our app, Camera+, and it’s gone on to be our most successful launch to date, earning over a quarter million dollars in its first month.

Hats off! Emphasis above is mine. WOW, that’s quite a month.