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Apps I Use Most

AHHHHHH!I’m not into year end posts or making resolutions, so I thought I’d share a list of apps I use daily, on my phone. Inspired by M.G. Siegler.

  • Twitterrific – My favorite app on my iPhone and iPad. I also use it on my Mac. The fine folks at Iconfactory make great software.
  • Riposte – A client for Alpha/App.Net. Since Twitter has clamped down on third party clients App.Net clients are where great UI/UX is happening.
  • Path – What a great replacement for the disaster that is Facebook.
  • Pocket – This is a “read later” app. I prefer it to others, there are a few that compete in the space. I think they’ve done a great job with the UI.
  • Fantasrical – A great replacement for the mess in iOS 7 called Calendar. The recent update includes reminders support. Another great indie shop, Flexibits.
  • Malt – I use a fun image service called mlkshk. Malt is a great iOS client. It’s fairly new and the developer is top notch.
  • Evernote – My note taking service of choice. My electronic brain.
  • Launch Center Pro – Another indie shop; Contrast.
  • WordPress for iOS – I’m using it to compose this post, nuff said.
  • Elixr – A specialty app for keeping track of your adult beverages. Beautifully designed and fun. Made by the folks that brought us Tumblr for iOS and Instapaper for Android; Mobelux. Great shop.
  • Interesting – From Designer/Developer Mike Rundle. It’s another way to look at news.
  • Mail – Almost forgot this one! Yes, I use the built in Mail client. Works great.
  • Safari – Apple’s web browser, based on their open source project, WebKit, that forms the core of Chrome as well as Safari. (Yes, I know Google has forked WebCore.)

NFL: The Biggest Con

The Atlantic: “Nearly all NFL franchises are family-owned, converting public subsidies and tax favors into high living for a modern-day feudal elite.”

I love pro sports, and the NFL in particular, as much as the next person, but this is ridiculous. Of course the common folk will never attempt to stop the insanity because we love watching millionaire sports heroes take to the gridiron to play a game.

Here’s the kicker. We pay to go to the stadium, which isn’t cheap, and if you live in an area with a pro team you pay tax money to build and support luxury stadiums.

We’re sick.

Christmas Movie List

Say 'Hi' to the Christmas Turkey!My brother, Jay, mentioned a few movies he thinks of as Christmas Movies; Christmas Vacation, Die Hard, and he gives honorable mention to Elf. Not a bad list. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Christmas Vacation. Die Hard and Elf are great films, regardless of the season.

Here’s the list of movies we watch, I may miss a few, but here goes.

Of course we don’t watch A Christmas Story until Christmas Eve when TBS does 24 Hours of A Christmas Story. I watch it a few times while I’m wrapping presents for my wife late into Christmas Eve, because, you know, there’s nothing like waiting until the last minute to wrap your wife’s gifts, right?

UPDATE: 12/24 – Here’s a list that’s a bit on the dark side, I thought I’d add these while I was updating the list above.


A wonderful bouquet of flowers.The New York Times: “Mary Elizabeth Phillips, a retired accountant, is fighting eviction from the rent-controlled apartment where she has lived for almost half a century. If her new landlords have their way, she will have to move in April, shortly after her 98th birthday, because they want to sell the units.”

It’s nice to see San Francisco embrace technology companies, but not at the expense of others. People that work in the city cannot afford to live there; teachers, police, and fire fighters have to live outside the city and commute. That feels wrong. I know it’s typically more costly to live in a city, but San Francisco is heading toward New York prices, a place only the rich can afford to live.