BCS Rankings: How does that work?

Does anyone understand the logic behind the BCS rankings? I definitely don’t. I have one for instance that baffles me.

In week 10 #3 Auburn played #4 Ole Miss. Based on their ranking who would you expect to win? Well, if you just look at the numbers Auburn should have beat Ole Miss, and they did. Ok.

In week 11 Auburn remained at their #3 ranking, but Ole Miss fell to #11. Why? Ole Miss was ranked one position lower and lost to the better team, isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Right. Ok, let’s just leave that there.

We’re still in week 11: #3 Auburn loses to unranked Texas A&M. Ok, Auburn should fall big based on what happened to Ole Miss the week before, right? No. Auburn falls to #9 and Ole Miss is at #10. Can someone explain that logic, please?

#3 beats #4, #4 falls to #11.
Unranked beats #3, #3 falls to #9.

I don’t get it.


2014 BCS National Championship Tournament

2014 BCS Tournament

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The BCS, still sucks after all these years

ESPN: “This is the first time since the BCS expanded to five games that a team outside of the conferences with automatic qualifying bids failed to make a BCS game. No one-loss non-automatic qualifier has ever been selected for a BCS game, either.”

Ahhhh, some dissent, finally. It’s time for the NCAA to create a real playoff system. Yes, it can be done, they just don’t want to do it. I’ve personally done bracket after bracket after bracket. It could work. Top 16 are in.

I think it’s time to put together a new bracket.


The BCS needs a March Madness “NEWARK — Such is the state of this NCAA tournament, that I could wake up Friday morning in New Orleans thinking there were strong odds Houston’s Final Four would include two No. 1s (Ohio State and Kansas) and a No. 2 (Florida) … and then be in Newark on Sunday night, watching No. 4 Kentucky clinch the last spot — alongside No. 3 UConn, with No. 8 Butler and No. 11 VCU filling out the other half. I was stunned to witness the Bulldogs’ second straight Final Four-clinching win, and am still stunned when I see the teams printed on this bracket t-shirt.”

The BCS still believes its system is flawless. Witness the NCAA National Basketball Championship Tournament, it’s not perfect, but it’s still better than anything the College Football boys have put together.

Tournaments can be unpredictable, it’s part of what makes sports beautiful. Is it doable in the football world? Yes, I believe it is. Can you have the Big Four traditional bowl games? Yes, I believe you can. Does the BCS want to give up all that money? No, there in lies the problem. The game is driven by money. The kids don’t make a dime, but the Universities and their affiliates certainly do. Until that problem can be addressed the BCS will remain a very flawed system that pits two supposed greats against each other. Until that problem is addressed we’ll never know who the true National Champion is in NCAA Football. I’m pulling for Mark Cuban. I hope he turns College Football on its ear.

As for NCAA Basketball, it’ll be as clear as it can be in two more games.

Football Sports

Go Mark!

ESPN: “DALLAS — After two failed bids to buy a Major League Baseball team, billionaire Mark Cuban is seriously considering trying to use his money to create a playoff alternative to college football’s Bowl Championship Series”

I hope the man is able to pull this off. College Football needs a playoff system, period.

Come to think of it, it’s about time for my yearly BCS rant, complete with playoff brackets.