Should I?

Remember, April showers bring May flowers.I’ve been running at the new site, with a new look, for a while now and I’ve had a little feedback on the look. It’s been described as “Ugly”, “Baby Poo colors.” I’m being nice using the word poo.

That brings me to my point. Should I bring back the look of my original site?

Do you like the apple cores?

By Rob Fahrni

Husband / Father / Developer

5 replies on “Should I?”

I’m not real hip on the colours, but it’s your site and I really only come here to comment anyway – the colours in my RSS reader work fine for me. 😉

@Jerry/@Steven – Thanks for the feedback guys. I’d love to stick with the brown and orange because I like the colors, and the site is NOT fully complete. I still need to finish the design. It needs work.

@Bill – I have thought about bringing the apple cores back. I do miss them. 🙂

I like it and it really starts growing on you after just a few seconds. It’s also cool that the form text is also orangey 🙂

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