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Re: Senior Development Engineer


As much as I love the idea of this, I’m just not the right guy for the job. I just don’t have the energy to stand in front of a whiteboard an answer code questions for eight hours straight.

I love [redacted], I really do, and I wish you all the best in your search for a developer to fill this position.



Mike Davidson on applying for a Design position

Mike Davidson: “Résumé? Doesn’t matter. Where you went to school? Doesn’t matter. What societies you are a part of? Doesn’t matter. None of this sort of stuff matters unless and until you make it past the big three tests above… or at least the first two. Does that mean you shouldn’t spend time on your résumé? Of course you should, because if you get past the first stage, someone will probably look at it.”

I’m a Designer, not a Writer man! At least that’s how Bones would say it.

Interesting advice. Best to have the resume in good shape so you can get past HR, then you gotta show your design chops.



LEVEL Studios – Careers: “We believe that truly great work is born out of a professional, yet casual and collaborative environment. Each of our offices has their own unique vibe, but all share our corporate culture based on creativity, flexibility and teamwork. Coffee. Darts. Videogames. Whiteboards. Scooters. Nerf footballs. Brownbag brainstorming. More coffee. And plenty of interaction between clients and co-workers.”

Come on in, the water’s fine, and we’re doing lots of cool stuff. You even have different locations to choose from; San Luis Obispo, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

Oh, and the site fails to mention LEVEL Secret #2.

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Need a job?

Dropbox Jobs: “When it comes down to it, you want to work on things you enjoy. At Dropbox, you’re free to choose what you work on because we want you to own a project and feel passionate about it. Since we don’t wait for product cycles, this means that you can start a project on Monday and have it seen by millions on Friday.”

I just installed Dropbox on Kim’s Mac and this is one of those tools you need in your daily workflow. It’s just necessary.

Anywho, looks like a pretty nice place to work, especially if you dig San Francisco.