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NetNewsWire 4.0 Lite

Brent Simmons: “It’s a complete rewrite of the code base, which had last been re-architected in 2004/2005. It was overdue, and it’s taken about a year to do. The iPhone and iPad versions will soon use this code base too — and there will be a full, for-pay version of NetNewsWire 4.0 for Macintosh too. (The full version will have more of the features you’re used to: syncing, searching, starred items, AppleScript support, and so on.)”

It’s available in the Apple Mac Store. Give it a gander.

Brent is a great developer and isn’t afraid to “turn the soil.” It seems like he’s constantly looking for ways to improve his baby and isn’t afraid to completely rewrite stuff.

Amazing work.

Business Mac

On the Mac App Store

Kevin Hoctor: “Why? Because our software is worth the price I charge. I also owe it to my customer base to make sure my company is well-funded and continues to provide excellent software and support in the future. The profit curve is not negatively affected by higher prices until you are significantly out of the range of your competition—and by competition, I mean software that matches your software in quality. I’ve seen too many companies go out of business because they try to compete on price.”

He’s right.

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Setting yourself apart

Daring Fireball: “The whole point of Apple’s success with iOS has been the opposite of “write once, run anywhere”. It’s more like “write a version that is specifically optimized for this particular device”.”

This is one of the things I love about Apple. A lot of companies would be fine with slapping some simple mouse based helpers into their emulator, change it ever so slightly so it works on the desktop, and ship it. Apple doesn’t do that. They tune their software for the hardware platform. As it should be.

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Pay it forward

A wonderful bouquet of flowers.Mac Indie: “One of my primary goals in starting MacInde last year was to catalog and recognize all the tools that are available to Indie Mac/iPhone developers that can make your development life easier, faster, more efficient, etc. I’ll bet that if you tried to re-create all of the production quality code out there that we’re all using in our OSX and iPhoneOS apps thanks to this community, there’s probably 5-7 man-years of effort that you’d need to spend in doing it.”

Support your local Mac Indie! There’s a lot of really great free, and open source, Mac/iPhone/iPad source code floating around out there. Help these guys out if you can. I know I need to.

Shameless self promotion: Need Objective-C/Cocoa code to shorten a URL, or communicate with, click here.

NOTE: I haven’t built that code in a LONG time, in fact, I haven’t built it for Mac since upgrading to Snow Leopard. It built without error for iPhone OS and Mac OS X the last time I did build it. Your mileage may vary. I definitely need to spend some quality time with it.

Development Indie Mac

Mac Bits for Sale?

Matt Legend Gemmell: “I want to solicit some feedback on the idea of selling source code for the iPad/iPhone and/or Mac platforms. It’s something that’s commonplace (and popular) on other platforms like .NET and Java, but for whatever reason it’s never taken off on the Mac. I think that there’s potentially a reasonable market, particularly for iPhone/iPad, and I’d be interested in your thoughts.” – It’s odd there isn’t more of this in the Mac world. There’s definitely a whole lot of free, very well designed, Mac and iPhone source code floating around out there. Matt’s very own MGTwitterEngine or Gus Muller’s FMDB to name a couple.

I, for one, would welcome high-quality, supported, fully baked component bits for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It’ll make my life easier and allow me to focus on creating apps by not having to create as many foundation pieces.