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Say Goodbye to Flash

Campaign Monitor: “The beautiful thing about moving to a JavaScript based solution is that, unlike the closed Flash component, we had complete control over every bit of the charts. This meant we could easily add features we felt were missing from the default charts and offer a really nice experience for you and your clients. Here are some of the more interesting extras we added to the base library:”

I like stuff like this, a real world example that makes sense.

The iPhone is coming, the iPhone is coming!

SFGate: “June 29 (Bloomberg) — Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. mobile-phone company, will start selling Apple Inc.’s iPhone next year, ending AT&T Inc.’s exclusive hold on the smartphone in the U.S., two people familiar with the plans said.”

Again, more good stuff for the smart phone market. There are a bazillion screaming Verizon customers clamoring for iPhones. It’ll be a good start to 2011 for Apple, and Verizon, if the rumor is true.

Torn, which smart phone?

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to goof around with my cousin’s Droid Incredible by HTC. Oh my! It’s a beautiful phone, I love the sense UI. The iPhone definitely has big competition and since you can get this phone on Verizon it makes purchasing it quite easy for those looking for something close enough to an iPhone.

I’m very tempted by it and I have an iPhone app for heavens sake!

Bravo HTC for upping the ante. This is good for the smart phone market, no matter how you slice it.

Wireless cameras? DUH!

Dave Winer: “Imagine how a camera with the Twitter or Facebook logo would work. You wouldn’t even need to configure it beyond telling it your Facebook username and password. If Canon isn’t working on this now they’ll be out of the low-end camera business in less than five years. That’s how quickly the Apple/Google juggernaut is moving.”

It would make complete sense for camera manufacturers to embed wireless into their cameras, especially at the low end. Dave’s hit the nail on the head. If they’re not doing this now, they’re not very smart. I’d imagine it would be quite easy to get a wireless chipset with an entire IP stack that can do everything Dave mentions above for fractions of a penny, they don’t need some fancy schmancy OS, just the basics on the camera. The configuration can be done on the client, or better yet, on the web.

For me the question is, who will be first?

I know I’d written about this at one point or another, I just can’t find it. Must have been in a tweet.

What about the future?

Scientific American: “What’s the best way to address a politically charged topic such as the future of energy? Remove the politics. “We’re going to skip over the politics,” Robert P. Laughlin, who won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1998, told a rapt audience of young scientists and others at the 60th annual Nobel Laureate Lectures at Lindau. “I’m not interested in now but in the time of your children’s children’s children, six generations into the future and 200 years from now,” when all carbon burning has stopped because it’s been banned or none is left, he said. “Thinking about a problem this way is so simple. Instead of arguing about what to do now, I want to talk about what will happen when there’s no coal.””

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know someone is going to say “But that’s what we have.” “There’s plenty to go ’round.” Blah, blah, blah. Ok, you’re right. We have plenty of fossil fuels, now. It will run out, and if you don’t understand that you’re not facing reality. Sure, we may all be dead when it happens, but it will happen.

Is it just me or is it selfish to not think about the future? I think it’s very selfish. It feels like I’m in the minority.

Windows 8 plans?

CNet: “One thing that is made abundantly clear is that Microsoft has been paying attention to Apple. In the documents, which appear to come from an April meeting with computer makers, Microsoft discusses its Cupertino, Calif.-based rival and outlines plans to offer a Windows Store similar to the way Apple distributes software on its iPhone. The documents, which Microsoft has declined to comment on or authenticate, also talk about plans to give Windows a more iPad-like response time through new power management settings.”

Good luck boys, you have a big hill to climb.

Gulf Oil Disaster Suicide

LA Times: “William Allen Kruse, 55, a charter boat captain recently hired by BP as a vessel of opportunity out of Gulf Shores, Ala., died Wednesday morning before 7:30 a.m. of a gunshot to the head, likely self-inflicted, authorities said.”

I hate to say it, but I’m afraid we’ll see more of this. Not even Katrina did this kind of damage.

Here’s another BP marketing campaign. Just spit ballin…

“BP – Man made disasters, better than mother nature, that’s our business.”

We are the World

iPhone 4, when dropped?

Gizmodo: “Everything was great in my little world—I was in Times Square with my shiny new iPhone 4. And then the inevitable happened—or what, I imagine, we’ll come to think of as the inevitable. I tried to do the little trick where you hold the iPhone 4 just with your left hand and all your bars drop away until you have no service. Note to readers: Don’t do this in a crowded intersection during rush hour. I felt my phone slip from my awkwardly positioned fingers—it hung for a moment at the end of my ear bud cord, like a bungee jumper moments before his cord snaps—and then I painfully watched as it tumbled over the curb in a sudden whirl of annihilation. The back glass panel shattered, and so did my heart. OK, that may be a little melodramatic…but I am really upset.”

Is this karma? You be the judge. Remember, Gizmodo was in possession of a stolen iPhone 4 for a week.

Designer Mike Rohde on iPad

Mike Rohde: “Drawing works well on the iPad with a variety of useful drawing apps. I especially enjoy Adobe Ideas, Sketchbook Pro and Penultimate. The biggest issues are stylus options. I have the Pogo Sketch stylus and it works, but feels like drawing with a mushy pea on a stick. I’ve heard good things about the Dagi stylus but haven’t bought one yet. I hope more, better styli appear over time that feel like actual pens and pencils.”

If you haven’t caught The Conversation #20: Visual Thinking I’d recommend you do. Mike is a very talented designer and you owe it to yourself to listen to what he has to say. If the name sounds familiar it’s because he’s the designer of all those cool sketch style drawings in REWORK by 37Singnals, and SXSW Sketchnotes.